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Boss AD-3 Accoustic instrument processor


Floor-Based Acoustic Processing.
The AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor incorporates the groundbreaking acoustic processing technology of BOSS' popular AD-5 unit in a smaller, gig-friendly compact pedal design. Developed exclusively for live performance, the AD-3 gives guitarists a warmer, richer acoustic sound thanks to its tone shaping controls specially tailored for acoustic-electric guitars, high-quality reverb and chorus, as well as a built-in feedback eliminator. Quite simply, this compact pedal is an acoustic musician's best friend.

Compact acoustic instrument processing pedal developed exclusively for gigging acoustic-electric guitarists
Footswitchable Bi-Stereo Chorus offers split-frequency processing (Low and High) for natural, smooth chorus effect
Studio-quality reverb provides clear, deep reverberation specially tuned for acoustic guitar
Newly developed "Bottom" and "Top" controls offer variable tonal shaping to eliminate "dry" sound from piezo pickups and add rich, resonant lows and brilliant highs as desired
Special Guitar Amp output provides proper impedance and tonal balance for great-sounding connection to a guitar amp; stereo balanced outputs allow for direct connection to PA
Dual Anti-Feedback function can be manually set to eliminate feedback or can be set to "Auto" mode via footpedal
Battery or AC-powered for maximum flexibility

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