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Yamaha GW10 Multi effect gitaar processor


The GW10 features twenty professionally programmed multi-effects, using the high-quality Distortion, Chorus, and Delay blocks. These three blocks can be used simultaneously or in any combination, and themselves contain different effect types and parameters.

Multi-function Foot Controller
The built-in Foot Controller is one of the most powerful and versatile features of the GW10. First and most obvious, it can be used as a volume pedal, to control the volume of the signal and can be set to any desired point in the effect chain. The Foot Controller can be assigned to control one of nine different effect parameters: Wah Filter Sweep, Distortion Drive, Compressor Sense, Chorus Depth, Pitch Shift Mix Balance, Wah Range, Equalizer High Gain, Amp Simulator Mix Balance, or Delay Mix.

Distortion Block
In the Distortion block you get three versatile and powerful distortion effect types: Overdrive, Crunch and Distortion - each with three sound variations.

Chorus Block
The Chorus block gives you a selection of five different types of effects: Chorus, Pitch Shift, Wah, Equalizer and Amp Simulator.

Delay Block
The Delay effect comes last in the multi-effect chain of the GW10, providing delayed, echo-like repeats of the original sound. Delay also includes a special Doubling feature, giving the sound an even greater depth and fullness.

Noise Gate
The special Noise Gate block (following Distortion) fully eliminated noise and hum, making the guitar signal sound exceptionally clean and natural.

Built-In Tuner
The GW10 also features a built-in Tuner function that allows you to quickly, accurately- and silently- tune your guitar without having to disconnect it.

Write, Copy, and Swap
These functions let you store your original programs and organize them, so that you can instantly and easily call up the right effect programs as you play- without missing a beat.

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